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"Helping one family at a time touched by
childhood cancer"
Sales of Halenís Hankies Of Hope, along with individual and corporate
support and fundraising efforts, can provide financial relief for gas
costs, car repairs, groceries, parking fees, and other ancillary costs
associated with hospitalization.
Donate or Purchase a Hanky
Stories of Hope
Upcoming Events
Halen's Hankies of Hope will be doing
yearly events such as the Cancer Walk,
Fundraising and more. Click below for
more information.
This section you can donate a hanky to
child that has cancer and leave a personal
message for them.
The stories of hope is a section that has
featured stories from children that have
survived the battle with cancer. We hope
these stories inspire others to carry on.

About Us
Follow the link below to learn more about our non-profit,
the story behind it and the people we will be helping.
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